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August 23, 2010

O' Not Me...Monday!

This is the Not Me, Monday ~ ghetto fabulous edition. Let me explain...

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

In the midst of last weeks breakdown in the Wal-Mart parking lot, crying over broken pieces and parts...my drivers seat in the used Volvo that we just purchased, decided to lay back flat and not go back up. By saying that "it" decided to, I mean that I did not hit the memory button on the side that makes it do funky weird stuff that the regular buttons don't allow. So, that would not be me, driving around for a week now...ghetto fabulous style. Gangsta lean and all...this is it. And I would never proceed to brag about it in any, form, or fashion...thinking that laughter could cure all ills.

With all of the events that have taken place in the last few months with our family...good and bad, I would never still be planning our wedding at the end of September...just to add to the mix! We thought of postponing it, again, because of all of the hoopla lately, but O' Happy Happy, Joy Joy...it is officially on like Donkey Kong! The date we originally chose just happens to be the Autumnal Equinox and I would never have something to do with that, by chance the date I liked had an Earthly significance and that would never give me the idea that it is soooo meant to be! We have our family together, our children together, and our lives together...maybe it is about time to have the legalities in line as well! Being as that I love parties, I would not be the one trying to have a low-key, JP wedding and a simple, family centered after party. However, I am NOT centering my color theme for our ceremony & get-together around a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale...nope, not me!

Please venture on over to MckMama's site to see what others have not been up to...today is a giveaway so link up for your chance to win! Have fun "Not Me'ing"!

August 16, 2010

O' Not Me...Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

In the midst of this stressful and monetary morning...I would not just sit, in the car, in a parking lot, crying because of the fact that I made a bad decision. Making bad decisions is certainly something I do not do and crying in my car is so...not me! I always try to look on the bright side and would never fall apart because of simple possessions.

I would never let 4 weeks go by without blogging about the crazy events in our life and then have the first one in a while be a Not Me post! HA! I am much more on top of all things that happen in and around this house to let such a long period of time pass before sharing info! And I most certainly have enough time to finish all deeds in our house and have time to sit and type...yea. I would not ever use that said time to do absolutely nothing but catch up on the filling DVR, nope not me. ;O

Over the last few weeks, I would not just let a so-called "friend" of mine assume the worst about our friendship and then I would not presume to fill her in as to why I could not befriend her any longer...I have way more respect and appreciation for my D-Friends List just to let one of them think that they do not matter...however, this person in question seemed to have quite a guilty conscience...and blocked me! I would never act like I was offended by this, NOPE not me! :) And, I would never refer to my D-List of friends! HA!

When it was super-duper hot this last week, that would not have been me that kept my children in the house for 3 days...Abbey has been coughing up a storm and KMan just fights to come in anyway he has it! That is me not making excuses for hoarding my offspring indoors! ;O

So, I am sure that there are a bunch of peeps that have not been up to anything real lately...but for those that have...head over to MckMama's site, the creator of the Not Me Monday, and see what others have said about the imperfection in their lives as well!

July 30, 2010

out of the mouths of moms...


The title of this blog was created by MckMama, at first as "out of the mouths of babes"...and has evolved into the things we mothers, caregivers, teachers and such catch ourselves saying to our wee ones from time to time. So...out of my mouth lately I may have been caught saying a few assorted things...

as such...

"Please don't form tackle your sister, that is not a good way to get her attention."

"No, please don't chew on her shoes...especially when her feet are still in them!"

"Honey, grasping around the neck is not a good way to lead someone to your room."

"Thank you so much for sharing but next time, please don't lick the cracker first."

"The last time I checked, crickets were not on the menu..."

"Please be quiet or I will be forced to sell you to the gypsies!"

"I don't think that your brother asked you to put your dress on him, really."

"Because he is a boy and that is how it is. No, you cannot grow one yourself...it just doesn't work that way sweetie."

"Your sister is sleeping, please don't put your fingers in her nose...or her ears...or her mouth. You know what, lets just go play catch, ok?"

I am so sure that there have been better and worse things that I have said to my offspring, but these few have stuck with me...just this past week! Who knows what adventures in parenting lay in store for the crew in this future, but I am sure that some humorous lessons will be learned...and heard out of the mouth of this mom! :O

July 28, 2010

that silver lining...

Essentially, I am one to look on the bright side of things and I usually see the glass as half full. Then, there are those times when things just wear and tear until you can no longer see the silver lining. I started preparing this post on the 20th of July...funny thing. Since that day, me and my family have had to look hard and deep for that silver lining...and on the 24th, it seemed even harder...

...but I must remind myself of the things in MY life that I am soooo grateful for...

...moments when my wee ones share, love, and teach each other...

...bare babe's feet in his sister's sunflower bed...(that one had two blooms on it!)

...the smell of Abbey pulling Honeysuckle from the bush...

...knowing that I am teaching my children the growth of their world...

...and having a handsome son with gorgeous lashes helps me see...

...my silver lining...

July 19, 2010

O' Not Me...Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

It is Monday...and I would never prepare this post the night previous...just to get a head start, nope...not me.

This week has been kinda lazy, kinda busy, kinda honest...

In the midst of it all, I would never recommend that Abbey drink her brother's milk because I am in the middle of watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys...never. I would never let the two of them drink after one another, much less tell them to take the other ones things just because I am watching the latest happenings on the Beekman Farm. It seems even with the benefit of DVR, I can't seem to tear away from the drama...so they wait for commercials! That show is awesome if you have not seen it...good stuff.

And...I would not put off making Abbey's birthday invitations until the last days before they need to be mailed in order to arrive before the party, not when I have had the supplies to get them done for a week! I am always on top of things and could not be called a procrastinator, by any means! With them almost done, we can talk about that tomorrow...but here is a peek!

Oh yea...there is no way possible that I have run our dryer to the point of its early demise. I would never continue to use it knowing that it has been "broken" for over a month...what is the word broken anyway?!? After all of the attempts to rig it for "one more load"...it is no more...and I would never be to blame for not having it repaired waaaaaayyyyy sooner! So now, I am not the one who is going to have to dry clothes outside or at the laundromat...

There will be no Linky for awhile until MckMama's new babe is born but I shall continue the fashion of ranting about what we have not been up to...and 'till she is back up and about with 5th child in sling, I shall be chillin' like a villan...down in the metroplex.

July 13, 2010

this kid...

This kid right here...well, lets just say that he is all boy, but sweet...very sweet. Being the parent of 2 girls, I have always wanted a little brother for them...and a son for myself, (trying not to sound selfish)! On May 28th, 2009 we were given that gift in a big, healthy 6lb 12oz babe.

KMan was an avid sleeper...

and was just about the best BABY ever...similar to his father's demeanor.

His first year was filled with adventure and excitement, to say the least. Rolling, scooting, crawling, driving...everywhere!

He started fully walking right after his first birthday and has been a go getter ever since...well, most of his time is spent chasing Abbey so just the same! He is a sweet soul that loves kisses and hugs. He loves snuggling with his Daddy and crying to his Mommy. He cannot live without blueberries and crackers. Is just now starting to like his greens...with his sister's help! Started clapping to a beat a few days ago, and dances like an 80's kid.

His smile and laughter brighten my day like none other and I love watching him learn new things, which is pretty often nowadays...he is a very mechanically minded child and can figure how anything works, even childproof latches. KMan loves his sisters and enjoys tormenting them by taking their favorite things then running to Momma for safety with a smile.

This kid...has taught me so much in his first year of life. More patients. More cleaning. More love. I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to have him, the only son to two crazed parents, brother to very girlie sisters, and love of my life. He sure does make a Momma proud, our little tree huggin' KMan...

July 12, 2010

O'Not Me...Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

So it is that day of the week again, where I get to bring up some of the things that we have "not" been up to lately...

First, this week has been a rainy one...and kids will be kids, but I would never let my kids play and dance in the rain for somewhat long periods of time, nope not me. I would never encourage behavior that would put their health at risk...never. They both enjoyed it, Daddy was a big part of the start of this activity and found it to be perfectly safe for all involved...everything in moderation, right?! :)

The following day, I decided that they could both cool off outside in the sprinkler and noticed that I was out of swimming diapers...soooo I would never improvise by letting them run in just undies. Oh, and since Abbey's pink and flower panties were all that I had, I would NEVER let my only son run the yard in flower print panties that belong to his sister. It was not me, taking pictures of this occasion, planning to use them for future reference... ;)

Finally, I don't know who that was that showed up at a friends house with her kids eating McDonald's and sipping Sprite? I would certainly not let them eat cheeseburgers and french fries on a somewhat regular basis much less make it a tag-a-long! They always eat whole grains and good sources of protein, I would never allow Mickey D's that often! Gosh, they do have really good fries...but I would never admit that. Oh, what good that we all have not been up to lately! :)