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June 30, 2010

never ready...

I seem to have this way about me...I tend to be late...I forget things when I do finally walk out of the door...and sometimes I am not prepared for the situation at hand. And I am never ready to walk my children through hospital doors regardless of what they are there for. I give my toddler props tonight. I tucked her sweet little self into bed, after her brother for a change. I wanted to spend extra time with her tonight, away from our normal schedule...just to let her know how brave she is and how lucky we are to have her in our lives. She is very excited about tomorrow, she throws a fit if we mention that we are going tomorrow instead of NOW...and she has her bags packed with all of her favorite things...(she did this herself, all but her toothbrush and toothpaste, which she informed me that she still needs to use when the sun comes up!). Still, I am a mom...and I am nervous. I am her mother, which makes me more nervous! Abbey has the BEST doctors that anyone could have, great family and friends praying and wishing the best, and an entourage that would make HBO jealous. Faith is a very funny things at times like this...it's all or nothing in my book. I either have complete faith that she will be as strong as ever and everything will go as planned with no complications...or I don't and I am no good to anyone. Yes, faith we have...lots of it too. And with that faith, I will still never be ready...prepared but never ready. Good thing I have this one on my heals, leading the way.

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