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July 12, 2010

O'Not Me...Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

So it is that day of the week again, where I get to bring up some of the things that we have "not" been up to lately...

First, this week has been a rainy one...and kids will be kids, but I would never let my kids play and dance in the rain for somewhat long periods of time, nope not me. I would never encourage behavior that would put their health at risk...never. They both enjoyed it, Daddy was a big part of the start of this activity and found it to be perfectly safe for all involved...everything in moderation, right?! :)

The following day, I decided that they could both cool off outside in the sprinkler and noticed that I was out of swimming diapers...soooo I would never improvise by letting them run in just undies. Oh, and since Abbey's pink and flower panties were all that I had, I would NEVER let my only son run the yard in flower print panties that belong to his sister. It was not me, taking pictures of this occasion, planning to use them for future reference... ;)

Finally, I don't know who that was that showed up at a friends house with her kids eating McDonald's and sipping Sprite? I would certainly not let them eat cheeseburgers and french fries on a somewhat regular basis much less make it a tag-a-long! They always eat whole grains and good sources of protein, I would never allow Mickey D's that often! Gosh, they do have really good fries...but I would never admit that. Oh, what good that we all have not been up to lately! :)


  1. so cute! yes, it's been hot enough that any undies will do the trick!

  2. Yea, it has and undies are always in style! :) Thanks for your comment! :)

  3. My daughter has rocked the dino-wear and Spidey, and my son has been stuck with purple princess castle pajamas before.. (he called it a "Princess and MAN castle"...lol)

    :) Glad your kids were able to have a blast!

  4. That is too cute, MAN castle...I will have to teach KMan that one! It is also a hoot to hear Abbey sing the Spiderman song, she loves it! Thanks for reading, I am new to this blogging thing! :)

  5. Cute pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    With Joy, Carey