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June 24, 2010

Our Abbey Girl...

What can I say...this child, this little 2..almost 3 year old girl is my hero. Some one up above is definitely keeping an eye out for this girl, and I pray that they continue to do so...

I should start from the beginning...Abbey was born at 34.5wks...just a few weeks shy of being full-term, and had a rough first night. All I remember is Bryan coming to me, crying and saying that she might not make it...and they don't know what is wrong. She has 2 separate blood transfusions that night and a bunch of tests run. The next day was a waiting game...with me coming out of my "medical morphine coma", I was learning more and more that our precious baby girl was very ill. By Abbey's second day of life, the doctors were still at wits end with what was wrong with her and by the grace of God, there was a doc there that was done waiting for results. He told us that they were going to do exploratory surgery and find the problem. Abbey was a 4lb trooper. She had Jejunal Atresia, where her small intestine was closed off right after it left the stomach and was much higher up than they have seen. She was fitted during surgery with an ostomy bag and a central line that she would receive parental nutrition through. She had good days and bad days...long days and short days...3 mths and 1 day in the NICU to be exact. After the reattachment surgery and trouble that she experienced with learning to feed and her body with absorbing nutrients, she came home a happy, healthy 3mth 8lb baby...and we couldn't have been the happier!

All was well with the wee one until her 15mth check up...her head growth had gone off of the chart, almost a 20-30% growth in 3 months, and her pedi sent her for an MRI...just to be safe. On the way home, we received the call...Abbey had Hydrocephalus and we were instructed to call a Neurosurgeon...A NEUROSURGEON?!? I was in shock...what was this that she had? Why was he telling me to call a neurosurgeon? The next few hours were spent in conversation with the best Neuro ever. He spoke with me about what was going on and what he was going to do...great guy he is. She had a shunt implant a week later and will have it her whole life. It regulates the flow of CS to her abdomen, to be reabsorbed since it was not in the brain...hints the head growth. Once again, Abbey was a trooper. I cannot begin to understand what this child had to endure...just to live. Since November of 2008, when she had the implant, she has been a perfectly healthy toddler and has even developed above the expectations for her.

So yesterday, I noticed a lump in her groin that worried me...like that takes much with her, and I took her in to her Dr. He referred me to the surgeon, that just so happended to do the first 2 operations on her tummy and central line, and we spoke about what was going on with Miss Abbey. She has a hernia...in her groin, most likely one on each side. She will be undergoing surgery, again, on Thursday the 1st. Apparently, this is common in premies...but I don't think that being common still eases by busy head with her having another surgery. Yes, we know that with her shunt, there could be one, two, many more for her if something were to happen but that goes with the territory of having Hydrocephalus...a life-long condition. So this took me by surprise. Even through it all, with all that she has been through, she is still a trooper. Sitting today, listening to what was being said...and expressing her emotion of not being scared. She is "happy" to be going to the hospital and "happy" about having the wrong turned right. I love that girl...she gets great courage and strength from her sister, who has had her share of hospital time. So yea...this kid...my KIDS are amazing. And with love, prayers, and alot of chocolate, I fear...this will turn out ok. Like I said, someone up above has their hand on this child...my grandpa perhaps...I would like to think so.

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