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July 30, 2010

out of the mouths of moms...


The title of this blog was created by MckMama, at first as "out of the mouths of babes"...and has evolved into the things we mothers, caregivers, teachers and such catch ourselves saying to our wee ones from time to time. So...out of my mouth lately I may have been caught saying a few assorted things...

as such...

"Please don't form tackle your sister, that is not a good way to get her attention."

"No, please don't chew on her shoes...especially when her feet are still in them!"

"Honey, grasping around the neck is not a good way to lead someone to your room."

"Thank you so much for sharing but next time, please don't lick the cracker first."

"The last time I checked, crickets were not on the menu..."

"Please be quiet or I will be forced to sell you to the gypsies!"

"I don't think that your brother asked you to put your dress on him, really."

"Because he is a boy and that is how it is. No, you cannot grow one yourself...it just doesn't work that way sweetie."

"Your sister is sleeping, please don't put your fingers in her nose...or her ears...or her mouth. You know what, lets just go play catch, ok?"

I am so sure that there have been better and worse things that I have said to my offspring, but these few have stuck with me...just this past week! Who knows what adventures in parenting lay in store for the crew in this future, but I am sure that some humorous lessons will be learned...and heard out of the mouth of this mom! :O

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  1. So glad to find your blog....Enjoyed reading it tonight.....
    Hope you will stop by for a visit...I am giving away lots of GIFTS this week on both blogs....to celebrate