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July 13, 2010

this kid...

This kid right here...well, lets just say that he is all boy, but sweet...very sweet. Being the parent of 2 girls, I have always wanted a little brother for them...and a son for myself, (trying not to sound selfish)! On May 28th, 2009 we were given that gift in a big, healthy 6lb 12oz babe.

KMan was an avid sleeper...

and was just about the best BABY ever...similar to his father's demeanor.

His first year was filled with adventure and excitement, to say the least. Rolling, scooting, crawling, driving...everywhere!

He started fully walking right after his first birthday and has been a go getter ever since...well, most of his time is spent chasing Abbey so just the same! He is a sweet soul that loves kisses and hugs. He loves snuggling with his Daddy and crying to his Mommy. He cannot live without blueberries and crackers. Is just now starting to like his greens...with his sister's help! Started clapping to a beat a few days ago, and dances like an 80's kid.

His smile and laughter brighten my day like none other and I love watching him learn new things, which is pretty often nowadays...he is a very mechanically minded child and can figure how anything works, even childproof latches. KMan loves his sisters and enjoys tormenting them by taking their favorite things then running to Momma for safety with a smile.

This kid...has taught me so much in his first year of life. More patients. More cleaning. More love. I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to have him, the only son to two crazed parents, brother to very girlie sisters, and love of my life. He sure does make a Momma proud, our little tree huggin' KMan...

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  1. Great job Terria, talking about my super sweet little grandson!! He is such a delight to his papa and I!! He is one of those little ones that you just want to kiss non-stop!! He is so much a BOY...and he love to be with his sisters! He especially loves to play with Abbeys kitchen...he loved sneaking that in last time he was here! He is a doll and we love him dearly!! love, Nana