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August 16, 2010

O' Not Me...Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

In the midst of this stressful and monetary morning...I would not just sit, in the car, in a parking lot, crying because of the fact that I made a bad decision. Making bad decisions is certainly something I do not do and crying in my car is so...not me! I always try to look on the bright side and would never fall apart because of simple possessions.

I would never let 4 weeks go by without blogging about the crazy events in our life and then have the first one in a while be a Not Me post! HA! I am much more on top of all things that happen in and around this house to let such a long period of time pass before sharing info! And I most certainly have enough time to finish all deeds in our house and have time to sit and type...yea. I would not ever use that said time to do absolutely nothing but catch up on the filling DVR, nope not me. ;O

Over the last few weeks, I would not just let a so-called "friend" of mine assume the worst about our friendship and then I would not presume to fill her in as to why I could not befriend her any longer...I have way more respect and appreciation for my D-Friends List just to let one of them think that they do not matter...however, this person in question seemed to have quite a guilty conscience...and blocked me! I would never act like I was offended by this, NOPE not me! :) And, I would never refer to my D-List of friends! HA!

When it was super-duper hot this last week, that would not have been me that kept my children in the house for 3 days...Abbey has been coughing up a storm and KMan just fights to come in anyway he has it! That is me not making excuses for hoarding my offspring indoors! ;O

So, I am sure that there are a bunch of peeps that have not been up to anything real lately...but for those that have...head over to MckMama's site, the creator of the Not Me Monday, and see what others have said about the imperfection in their lives as well!

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